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Samuel Daigle


Quebec City, Canada

Tel: 1-506-252-3050

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Unique handcrafted wood products now at the Galerie Dugal et Perrier,
15 Notre-Dame Street in Old Quebec

Hope you enjoy browsing these pictures as much as I loved making these pieces! 
Most of my work is now at the Galerie Dugal et Perrier at 15 Notre-Dame Street in the Place Royale in Old Quebec City. If you can't find what you are looking for, don't be shy to ask, no mather how crazy your project seems. I always enjoy a good challenge.

I was born and raised in NB and now live in Quebec City. My father sparked my love of nature, my grandfather started me in woodworking and my artist mom certainly influenced my path. My wife and daughter are much appreciated support (and useful critique) for my work. 
Woodturning was mostly self-taught. I attended many international symposiums and demonstrations and devoured countless books and videos, but figuring out new techniques and tricks was a huge part of the journey.
I liked experimenting with exotic woods, but I'm turning more and more to local ressources, not just because of environmental concerns, but also because we have some spectacular woods to choose from here. My favorite by far is the maple, showing so many different characters with its spalted, curly, birdseye, bubbly and burly grain figures. It can even take practically every colour of the rainbow in the case of the fungus infected ash-leaved maple.
Nothing gives me more satisfaction than turning what seems to be an unusable, crooked and even decaying chunk of wood into a showcase piece. Like humans, if way pay proper attention, we can embrace what at first seems like abnormalities or flaws to great potential.
Specialties evolving over the years are segmented turning, natural edge bowls and what I like to call useful art. Very little goes to waste in the shop as even the tiniest pieces of wood are used for pens and bookmarks. Every single piece of wood is turned and finished with the greatest attention, like they would end up on my living room mantle. I tend to finish the pieces with food safe oils and wax to highlight the grain and colour, and use surface finishes sparingly when absolutely needed for protection, as I like to feel the wood instead of a glossy, plastic look result.

Thanks a lot for visiting and please feel free to pass the word around.

Have a great day!

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