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Boxes, Vases and Urns


Tall segmented vase

Curly maple, segmented and dyed

Many pieces of maple glued and turned. Pyrography and dye.

Product # 401


Funeral urn box

Maple burl, maple leaf and resin

Customized high end urn boxes.

Product # 402


Segmented Vase

Butternut, tiete, walnut, maple

153 pieces of natural coloured wood glued together and turned! 23 cm wide

Product # 403



Curly and cooked maple

Multi-purpose boxes

14 cm x 14 cm or 16 cm x 23 cm


Product # 404


Funeral urns

Various wood segmented

Natural coloured woods.  Screw lids.

Product # 405


Segmented Vase

Tiete, walnut, butternut, maple

Natural coloured pieces of wood glued and turned in a unique pattern. 25 cm wide

Product # 406

4 urnes.JPG

Funeral urns

Various natural coloured woods

Funeral urns, oiled, here in spalted boxelder, aspen. elm and cherry burl


Product # 407


Urn box

Spalted maple and resin

Urn for adult. Oil finish. Silky feel

Product # 408

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