IMG_3066 (2).JPG

Salt and pepper mills

various woods with inlays

Set of salt and pepper mills, 10" tall

Quality stainless steel - ceramic mechanisms


Product # 101

$110 per pair

IMG_3062 (2).JPG

Salt and pepper mills

Various laminated woods

Set of salt and peppermills, 10" tall

Quality stainless steel - ceramic mecanisms


Product # 102

$120 per set

IMG_3061 (2).JPG

Salt and pepper mills

Various woods, segmented

Unique sets of salt and pepper mills, 10" tall

Quality stainless steel - ceramic mecanisms


Product # 103

$140 per set


Salt-pepper shakers

burl wood and resin

Unique salt-pepper shakers, 4-9" tall

Product # 104

$90 per pair


High end salt and pepper mills

burl wood and resin

I put all my attention in my best burl pieces to make these fine mills.


Product # 105

$250 per set


Old-style peppermill + salt shaker

These in burl, pine cones and resin

Sets of old-style pepper mill and matching salt shaker. 6-10" tall


Product # 106

$160 per set


Charcuterie boards

Wood and resin

Unique and should last you a lifetime.

Various items can be casted.

Product # 107


IMG_3040 (2).JPG

Wine glasses

various hardwoods laminated

A perfect gift. Made to be used while adding a decorative touch in a room.

Product # 108

$60 per pair


Fancy wine glasses

burl wood and resin

Very unique wine glasses made with all my attention with the best figured burls.

Product # 109

$90 per pair


Ice Cream Scoops

Maple burl with bark inclusions

Unique burl grain. Very hard wood

Oil / varnish blend finish

Product # 113



Nutcracker bowl

Curly Yellow Birch Burl

Large 2 level, one piece nutcracker bowl

Tung oil and beeswax finish

Product # 114



French rolling pins

Various hardwoods

Various sized rolling pins, most made with cooked wood which doesn't absorb water

Product # 115



Egg Timer

Various Wood Essence

3, 4, 5 and 6 minute egg timer

Unique conversation piece


Product # 116




Various wood essence

Different colour contrasting woods

Standard 4" size. Oil / varnish blend finish

Product # 117

$50 /set (4)



Burl wood and resin

Functional yet decorative items. Various colors of resin available.

Product # 118

$75 / set (4)

If you are not finding what you are looking for your kitchen or bar, my friend Adam from Nutshell Woodworks does some awesome cutting boards locally. You can check him out by clicking on his Facebook link on the right.