Pens and pencils


Slim style pens

Various tree cones and resin, pine

Half twist mechanism pens


Product # (top-bottom): 201-202-203-204-205



Click pencils

Dyed and spalted maple, bubinga

0.7 mm click pencils


Product # (top-bottom): 206-207-208-209-210



Vista pens

Burls, cones and resin, bubinga, tiete

Half twist mechanisms pens


Product # (top-bottom): 211-212-213-214-215



Algonquin pens

Walnut burl, boxelder, curly maple

Rollerballs with removable caps


Product # (top-bottom): 216-217-218-219-220



Rising Phoenix pens

Maple burl, cones and resin

Big half twist pens. Gold and pewter hardware


Product # (top to bottom): 221-222-223


IMG_2969 (2).JPG

Theme pens

Burls, cones and resin, wenge and pewter

Nautica, cowboy and 3 faith-hope-love pens


Product # (top-bottom): 224-225-226-227-228



cones and resin, dyed curly maple

Sketch pencils

5.6 mm sketch pencil with built-in sharpener


Product # (top to bottom): 229-230



Maple burl and resin, cones and resin

Gent. Jr Pens

High end rhodium rollerball / fountain pens


Product # (top to bottom): 231-232-233



Maple burl and resin

Phoenix pens

Large half twist pens with comfortable grip


Product # (top to bottom): 234-235


Slim pine cone pens

Pine cone and resin

Unique slimstyle pens with Cross-style refill.

Product # 236-237-238-239


Hunting pens

Mahogany, moose antler, cooked maple

Bullet design, rifle clip, bolt-action mecanism

Product # 240-241-242-243


Majestic Pen

Resin impregnated, dyed and cooked maple

Big pen! High-end, rhodium plated

Product # 244


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